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New Info For Downlink Sites

Trinity Institute’s National Conference will be transmitted on the Internet only. When ECTN was inaugurated 12 years ago, streaming a moving image over the Internet was not feasible. Today however, through the advent of broadband, it is one of the best ways to make a program available to as wide an audience as possible.

When your computer is configured to receive a high-speed video signal, you can not only watch the broadcast in the privacy of your office or home, but also project it directly onto a screen for an audience in your church or conference center to view. In most cases, group viewing can be accomplished by this technique.

To locate a high-speed Internet provider in your neighborhood go to, scroll down to “CNET Services” and click on “Internet Services.” While it is possible to view the program with a dial up modem, utilizing a high-speed connection allows you to increase and project the image onto a screen for group viewing while maintaining good picture quality.

The projection of the webcast from your computer to a screen is accomplished through the use of a device called an LCD projector. LCD projectors come in a wide range of prices and styles. You’ll want to refer to your computer’s manual or call its manufacturer for a list of models best suited to your computer.

LCD projectors can be purchased from most retailers selling computer hardware. They can also be rented for a reasonable fee. To find a local rental company go to the computer section of your region’s yellow pages. Within the computer section, locate a heading indicating, “computers-renting & leasing.” Most of the companies under that heading provide LCD projectors as well as computers.

For specifics on connecting a projector to your computer please refer to your computer’s manual. Manufacturer methods of connection differ greatly, so we can not provide a step-by-step list here, but this information should be contained within your computers operational manual.

*Don’t forget to connect speakers to the computer you're using to provide the audio portions of the program.

There is no charge to downlink via the Internet. If you are able to participate in this way we ask that you fill out the registration form so we can let others near you know the broadcast is available in your area.

*For information on logging into the webcast and what format it will be streamed in, click on the link below.

How To Access The Webcast

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